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Electric Bus Program Charging Ahead


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The Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s (AVTA) goal of a full conversion to an all-electric bus fleet, with the plan to be “100% Green in 2018” is closer than ever. The first two of a potential 13 state-of-the-art wireless inductive charging stations are operational at Deputy Steve Owen Memorial Park (OMP) and Palmdale Transportation Center, the two major transfer centers in the AVTA service area. The en-route chargers allow AVTA’s electric buses to charge during layovers as passenger’s board and disembark. This “top-off” charge capability significantly extends the range of AVTA’s electric bus fleet, completely eliminating any range anxiety associated with electric buses.

“The wireless charging stations give us the range needed to service even our longest rural routes, which require about 350 miles each day,” said AVTA Board Chair Marvin Crist. “This innovative technology is the wave of the future for public transit as it embraces electric buses, and we are proud to be moving it forward.”



Number of Trains / Avg Daily Ridership (A.V. Line only)


Number of Trains Average Daily Ridership
A.V. Line Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend
’15-’16 30 12 (Sat) 12 (Sun) 5,764 2,708 (Sat) 2,296 (Sun)
’14-’15 30 12 (Sat) 12 (Sun) 5,789 2,956 (Sat) 2,429 (Sun)
’13-’14 30 12 (Sat) 12 (Sun) 5,854 3,499  (Sat) 2,451 (Sun)
’11-’12 30 12 (Sat) 6 (Sun) 6,139 2,972 (Sat) 1,775 (Sun)
’10-’11 30 12 (Sat) 6 (Sun) 5,540 2,485 (Sat) 1,338 (Sun)

Palmdale to Burbank (P-B) Project Section


Connects the Antelope Valley to the San Fernando Valley in order to bring high-speed rail service to the urban Los Angeles area.
Route Details: 40-mile route (approximately) from Palmdale to Burbank.