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What We Do

The greater Antelope Valley is an area which includes North Los Angeles and East Kern Counties and contains more land than many states. The region contains the incorporated cities of Lancaster, Palmdale, California City, Ridgecrest and Tehachapi, and stretches from Acton in the south to Ridgecrest in the north, to Tehachapi and Gorman in the west and to the San Bernardino County line in the east. Nearly 600,000 people call the area home and a dynamic business base led by 21st century aerospace enterprises provide employment for most of the workforce, currently estimated at more than 200,000 people.

AV EDGE exists to ensure that the region maintains a well funded and sustained program to attract, retain and expand business opportunities to the greater Antelope Valley area.

AV EDGE serves as the economic development corporation, (EDC) promoting the region to prospective businesses as well as working with the existing business community on retention and expansion programs. Attraction, expansion and retention of good paying jobs remain the core of AV EDGE’s mission.

Through marketing initiatives, research and reporting services, site surveys and workforce programs, AV EDGE provides all those involved in economic development with a common set of tools with which they can promote the benefits of doing business in our area.

Our Goals

Our goal is to help attract new wealth-creating jobs to our valley. These jobs represent primary jobs which will have the expanded impact of potentially creating many other jobs in supporting industries. Primary jobs are expected to bring in over a billion dollars in new wealth, increased tax base and new investment to our area. These new dollars will benefit each and every sector of our economy as they circulate throughout the region.

As an EDC with a specific focus on the manufacturing and industrial job base, AV EDGE does not pursue retail businesses but will assist those businesses with information and referral programs if requested.

 Our Methods



The Economic Alliance was incorporated as a private, nonprofit organization in December 1998, after more than a year of planning and work by a broadly based and inclusive Guiding Coalition of community leaders.

The work of the Economic Alliance is planned and carried out by a professional staff headed by a full-time President , who reports to a board of directors. The Board meets monthly, and general membership meetings are held quarterly.

Through our marketing efforts we seek to increase the visibility and improve the awareness of the Greater Antelope Valley and all it has to offer business.

Our research and reporting services provide accurate and timely information to media, business, economic development organizations and governmental agencies to aid them in their work and to assist them in making the key decisions that affect our lives and livelihoods.

By tracking activities of existing businesses, AV EDGE seeks to support the continued growth and prosperity of those that have already selected our communities for business.

Available sites and buildings are a key ingredient to encouraging development. AV EDGE works to assure that an ample stock of both ready-to-develop land and spec buildings are available to meet these needs.

A strong workforce is critical to the economy. AV EDGE plays an important role in coordinating and communicating the full range of job training and career preparation programs available here.

Acting as a clearinghouse for inquiries and opportunities, AV EDGE provides participating entities with fair and equal access to all leads.


Your Support


AV EDGE is an investor membership organization which exists solely through the voluntary contributions of forward thinking businesses. Membership contributions begin at $2,500 per year with additional levels of participation available up to $50,000 annually or more.

Our investor business and executives realize that money spent for regional economic development is a wise investment for the future. Every wealth-producing job brought to the region strengthens future prosperity for all.

The AV EDGE General Membership meets every quarter where members have the opportunity to discuss critical economic issues with the leadership of the Antelope Valley. In addition, Members elect a Board of Directors which meets every month to guide the operations of the organization. All members enjoy preferred access to all research and reports, weekly economic updates and VIP status at all AV EDGE hosted special events.

With easy access to key transport corridors, good rail service, and three of America’s top seaports within a seventy-mile radius, it’s no surprise that we’ve found favor with many distribution and logistics firms. Global traders enjoy the tax and tariff advantages of our Foreign Trade Zone. We also think you’ll find our air quality district, separate and distinct from LA’s stringent South Coast AQMD, to be refreshing.

Yes, we are a world apart from LA, yet we’re close at hand. The Leading Edge puts 21 million Southern Californian’s at your doorstep, the Western U.S. within a day’s drive and new Pacific Rim opportunities ready to explore.

Our enterprising group of business-savvy cities also understands how to help companies succeed. They’ve cut red tape and work to fast-track projects so you can get going quicker, with less worry and lower cost. As a matter of fact, our business facilities cost about 65% less than those found in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Labor costs are also lower, yet our workforce is highly trained, very motivated and anxious to work for local firms.

The AV EDGE, is the public/private partnership that facilitates business growth and opportunity within our 3000 square-mile region. We serve as allies for enterprise, helping you chart the best course towards finding success and new prosperity here.

Take time to discover the amazing opportunities found along Southern California’s Leading Edge.
train here and now commercial space flight is being pioneered here. But today, we’re also showing the world that we have the right stuff when it comes to developing advanced materials, building clean transport systems, crafting high-precision parts, generating fresh, green energy while adding value to innovative agricultural products.

Benefits of membership include:


  • Participation in region-wide decisions impacting the future of the Antelope Valley.
  • Priority access to a growing number of economic reports and publications made available through AVEDGE
  • Periodic economic updates on the Greater Antelope Valley region
  • Provided with the most current and relevant data, as soon as it is released.
  • Inclusion in publications and marketing materials provided by AVEDGE, and representation at special events.

Most importantly, members realize they are investing in their own economic futures. Because every dollar spent today on promoting prosperity in the Antelope Valley will likely be returned many times over as their own firm benefits from the actions of the Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance.

For more information on membership, please call the AVEDGE office, at (661) 441-2957


Benefits to Everyone


Economic development means much more than jobs, payroll and a strong economy. Economic development is also about:

  • Clearing the air, saving resources and decongesting freeways by moving the workplace to the workforce.
  • Saving children and families from stress imposed by long distance, long duration commutes.
  • Strengthening institutions, including schools, churches and social services groups.
  • Building more prosperous communities through increased taxable sales revenue.
  • Sustaining the value of hard-won local investment through periods of economic downturn.

Through the support of our members, AVEDGE is making the above a reality in the Southern California High Desert Region.